All About Vehicle Signage

Vehicle Wraps- Digital printing for your vehicles.

Using a vehicle wrap from Infinity Signs, your business vehicle can become a moving billboard. Vehicle Wrapping involves digitally printing your advertising onto a specific adhesive material that is then applied to all surfaces of your vehicle. Digital wrapping can include photographic images to illustrate your business! Digital wrap signage can be removed at a later date if necessary for resale purposes of your vehicle.

Vehicle wrap advertising is specifically designed to create a strong visual impact on the street, “stopping traffic”!

Talk to the trained staff at Signflex Melbourne about your vehicle wrapping advertising needs.

Vinyl Cut Lettering

Signflex Melbourne have a vast array of colours of vinyl to choose from that are specific for this application. This is designed for a more simple way of advertising across your vehicle. The lettering is profile cut using our specific machine and can then be installed by one of our qualified team or you can even install it yourself. The lettering can be removed at a later date if necessary.

Clear Focus – “One Way Vision”

One way vision or often called clear focus is a product that you will see on ambulance / bus windows. It is printed and adhered to the window giving a nice advertising image on the outside of the vehicle. Your vision looking out of the car is clear and almost normal, while at the same time limiting the amount of vision that is possible by looking from the outside in.

Signflex Melbourne can create a design to suit all applications.

Magnetic Signs

For a less permanent type of vehicle signage, magnetic signs are highly recommended. Signflex Melbourne produce the sign you require onto specific vehicle grade magnetic material that can be easily put on and taken off of your vehicle as required.